2. miahanamura:

    Codie Young by Nicolas Valois

  3. pradaphne:

    Codie Young in “Locked In”, photographed by Boris Ovini for Exhibition #3 Spring/Summer 2013.

  4. bestqualitybeksinski:

    Zdzisław Beksiński

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  5. munan15:

    Pina Bausch. Blaubart (performance) 1977.

  7. stothk:

    Cover For Repetitions (1922) - Max Ernst

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  8. igazie:

    Lucian Freud - Naked Man, Back View
    "Freud’s nudes study the details of the human body with an unflinching fascination that is modern in its refusal to censor or sentimentalize. Bowery, Freud’s model, was a two-hundred-pound nightclub performer, famous for the gorgeous and outrageous costumes he used to reinvent himself in public. Yet Freud, recalling their first encounter, remembered the shape of his lower limbs rather than his outfit, observing that ‘his calves went right down to his feet, almost avoiding the whole business of ankles altogether.’ His depiction of Bowery in the nude strongly provokes the magnificence and vulnerability of a body better known for its sartorial transformations." - The Norton Anthology of English Literature, Vol. F

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  11. blastedheath:

    Zeng Fanzhi (Chinese, b. 1964), Bathroom, 1994. Oil on canvas, 165 x 180 cm.

  12. nuclearharvest:

    Bottomless Stratum of Mental Oscillation by Kizimecca 2000

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  13. skullandbone:

    chameleon skeleton

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  14. hypnoticlandscape:

    henrique alvim corrêa

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